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issues from EC Hungary
Let's find out what should be better handled in the rulebook based on experience from 2016 EC in Hungary.
race dates

sunked boat
If your boat was sunked You cannot measure Your Battery at Check-out. What would be with the results earned in that run? In my opinion He would have enogh problem, dont need to delete the result. But the rulebook doesn't talk about it. ( it happened 4 times at EC )
old topics
start card F1 class
The startcard ifor F1E and F1V classes should be corrected at annexes, because of class changes. The handcounting form should be changed some more useable form.
EC/WC registration form
Simplify EC/WC registration form for organizers and as well for team leaders. ECO team classes are not clear from the form at all.
MyLaps transponder counting vs. manual handwritting.
nice to have
in the rulebook there is a lot of small mistakes or space for small improvements - do you know some?
team races
JUN+SEN together - ok or not? 2-3 people, max 3 boats, can they have mechanic/start helper (jun/sen)? How many teams per country should be allowed (to save time)?
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